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     In Accommodation
     Returning Summer
     A Heart Moved by a Dance
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     A Gap of Memory

Commission Work


Hơn Một Mét Vải

Ỏ x Supcuatrungcut Campaign - Miggnonne
Commissioned by Miggnonne

Featured Artist: 
Súp Cua Trứng Cút
Dương Gia Hiếu
Mỵ Đình
Hươu Anh

Creative Director: Như Trần
Project Manager: Alex Mai
Photographer: Mắt Bét, Thư Thư
DOP: Kwan Nguyễn 
Editor: Kwan Nguyễn, Mae Nguyễn
Stylist: Vũ Long
MUA: 8_8
Graphic: Trọng Nghĩa
Illustration: Súp Cua Trứng Cút
Copywriter: Miên Phạm
Assistant: Mae Nguyễn, Huỳnh Ngọc Minh Khuê, Thư Thư


We never look at just one thing; we are always looking at the relation between things and ourselves.
(John Berger, 1972)